Spelljammer cover

Welcome to the Stars!

For most people, sitting on solid ground, they look up to the night sky and wonder what could be out there. What wonders do the stars hold? What secrets lay in the darkness between the light? What dangers might lurk in those celestial shadows? But that wondering stops when the night ends.

But not for you.

Not for the people who know about spelljammers.

Tales of Spelljammer is a Pathfinder campaign set in the defunct TSR campaign setting Spelljammer. It has a more nautical theme than a spacefaring theme, and in that vein characters traverse the space between planets aboard sailing vessels equipped with special items called spelljammer helms. Each set of planets revolving around a sun (or multiple suns!) exists within a crystal sphere, and the crystal spheres sit accessible within a burning cosmic sea called the Phlogiston.

Adventurers, pirates, sailors, hunters, explorers, and more cross the blackness between the planets and sail into the deep crimson unknown of the phlogiston in search of truth. Most terrestrial empires and kingdoms have no knowledge about this world beyond their world, and even less about the dangers that world possesses.

The Spelljammer Campaign

Take a look at the Wiki to get a feel for the setting and the Pathfinder rules. Most everything is open as an option, and you will start on the asteroid city known as the The Rock of Bral.

Tales of Spelljammer

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