The Chainmen

As the name indicates, this is a human slavers’ organization, operating among evil nations both on the ground and in space. If you want to “lose” a defeated enemy, you can sell him to the Chainmen. Within a month the victim will be tolling for some foreign prince who asks no questions, or on a completely different world. The Chainmen Traders are hated and feared in turn; however, they do not take slaves where they dock (otherwise the local authorities would be on them like a cheap suit of armor).

Chainmen in Bral

The Chainmen have only a single office in Bral, but it is attended by a powerful and influential man in Brallish politics. Governor Darvayne Gios Amprei keeps a close eye on the watchguards of the Citadel and makes sure the ships sailing his flag follow Brallish law to the letter. He’s a mean, spiteful human male who does a poor job of hiding his loathing for the policies of the king and queen of Bral.

Known Ships of the Chainmen

The Chainmen

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